‘United like bros’: How 10 Nepali Sherpa climbers made K2 history

Members of the Nepalese climbing team who made history on the weekend, becoming the first in the world, who became the second in height горой-k2 in Pakistan-In the winter season said, that they fought with hurricane-wind strength and freezing temperature to achieve. the the Triumph team of 10 people was torn from a base camp of 8611 meters (28251 feet) k2known as “wild mountain“-a helicopter of the Pakistani army and flew to the Shigar Valley, the gate to the mighty Karakoram.

Wearing traditional wool hats and garlands, climbers were received as heroes at the first stage of their return home. “this winter we came here with the hope that we are going to do this, Nirmal Purja, one of the leading members of the team and former gurkh soldiers and British special forces, said on Wednesday. “the weather conditions were really, really terrible, the temperature was to minus 65 degrees Celsius (minus 85 degrees Fahrenheit)-There was a hurricane, but 10 climbers from Nepal managed to do it.

One from climbers informed the AFP agency, as he almost missed the story, short refusing hard conditions. “in camp four I really left, but when I made a call on the radio… He did not answer, Mingma Gyalje said, known as Mingma G, who tried the tape last year. I couldnt leave my team alone, so when he didnt answer, I decided to try again. “usually when someone doesnt answer the call, you feel offended, but in this case, I am grateful. 40 a4 несмотря on that they are known for their climbing experience, before, there was never a Nepalese climber on the first rise of winter at a peak above 8000 meters (26247 feet).

Nepali guidesusually ethnic Sherpas of valleys around Mount Everestare considered to be the backbone of the Himalayan climbing industry to endure enormous risks to fix cables, repair ladders and transport equipment and food. appel for unity mountaineers had been distributed in different shipments initially, But forming a new group to call for the summit on behalf of Nepal on Saturday, singing the national anthem as they reached the top. “it was by no means an individual effort[it was] 10 brothers united as a family, like a brother, and everyone was playing a real one, a really important part,” Purja said, Which in 2019 broke the record to be the fastest person to conquer every mountain on Earth over 8,000 meters, finishing the mammoth challenge in just over six months. “the message from here is, the world is experiencing a crisis right nowwe have COVID-19, and more than that global warming. I think the message is important, that if we all unite, we can make… everything possible, and so why we worked together to make K2 possible. unlike Mount Everest, which has been surmounted by thousands of young and old riders, K2 is a much harder and more isolated place. north of Pakistan is home to some of the worlds largest mountains, including K2, in the territory of Gilgit-Baltistan.

Nestled between the western end of the Himalayas, Hindu Kush mountains and Karakoram range, Gilgit-Baltistan has 18 of the worlds 50 highest peaks.

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