Time to quit WhatsApp?

On January 7, 2021, Elon Musk tweeted Use the Signal. A few days before this tweet, WhatsApp updated its privacy policy detailing how the popular messaging service, adopted by many for its privacy, will share critical users Facebook information. This WhatsApp update raised many data privacy concerns among its users, partly because of Facebooks infamy in this regard and the fact that Facebook is the parent company of WhatsApp. Many of its users and the Internet community disliked this information: users began to abandon WhatsApp, and after Musks approval, they began using alternative applications such as Like Signal and Telegram. Signal saw a dramatic increase in downloads from 8.8 million downloads following the WhatsApp announcement. Telegram also reached 500 million users thanks to the increase. On the other hand, WhatsApp saw a user exodus with a global download decline of around 20 percent. are genuine concerns about the last update of the privacy policy, there was also social media disinformation following the announcement. Understanding the consequences of their announcement, WhatsApp went into harm control mode and published an infographic detailing what WhatsApp information would and would not have. no access. And while the recent explanation helps fight misinformation, the ad itself had previously raised questions that users have always been wondering about. is slated to go into effect on Feb.8, but public outcry has pushed the deadline back to May 40. use, which is called end-to-end encryption (E2EE), which means that when you send a message, that message is converted to an absurd text string that can only be converted back to readable text after decoding a specific public key on the recipient’s side.This decryption of the message is done locally, i.e. your communication device, which would mean that the interception of the message would be impossible. y, WhatsApp uses the exact same encryption method that Signal uses. So both of these companies cannot access your messages but they can access a lot of other information siphoned from your device.WhatsApp records and shares critical information such as device identifiers, IP addresses, operating system, browser details, battery percentage, network mobile, ISP, language and time zones. If you havent dug into the setting and disabled some settings, you are also sharing cookies and location data. However, sharing WhatsApp data with Facebook is nothing new and definitely not specific to The recent WhatsApp and Facebook have exchanged most of the information described above since 2016 and something that Instagram is most likely sharing even after recent updates to the integration between the image sharing platform and Facebook. What will Facebook do with my data? Facebook doesnt really have the best track record when it comes to respecting user data privacy. Facebook has used direct ads for many nefarious purposes over the years, from inciting the Myanmar genocide to helping the controversial Cambridge scandal. Analytica. Facebook doesnt have the best image when it comes to data privacy, and while WhatsApp started out as a privacy-focused messaging app, a feature that pulled in many of its initial users, to be associated with a big tech company like Facebook with a track record of data misuse would raise doubts.

Facebook says this update is intended to facilitate tighter integration between Facebook services, and just like how Facebook revamped its integration with Instagram, it says it wants to implement tighter integration between Facebook and WhatsApp businesses. WhatsApp, Facebook wants tighter integration with their work accounts, using siphoned data from your device to deliver more personalized ads. Should I make the switch? At this point switching would probably be for the best. But understand that WhatsApp is only part of the problem and if you are a regular Facebook and Instagram user, you will be sharing your data with Facebook anyway. Alternatives like Signal, Telegram, and Wire would be great; the best of the three being the development company Signal.Signal, Open Whisper Systems is supported by their nonprofit Signal Foundation.Signal is also developed by one of the creators of WhatsApp, Brian Action. Signal‘s nonprofit, the company wouldnt. be enticed to use your data in relation to a for-profit business. We have seen an example of the successful implementation of this model in Firefox and the Mozilla Foundation. However, the Signal is still in its infancy and lacks key WhatsApp features like group chats. Telegram, on the other hand, has most of WhatsApp’s features, but since it doesnt allow you to encrypt all of your messages, it may not be as secure as WhatsApp or Signal.Signal also doesnt request access to many of your devices privacy settings to make it work, and it doesnt even track your location. have doubts about Signal there are many other alternatives such as Silence, Threema and Wickr. When it comes to data privacy, the general rule is to stay away from the services provided by big tech companies that will always be motivated to use WhatsApp, although a great private messaging service in the past, has been acquired by one of the most infamous companies when it comes to data privacy, and for this reason WhatsApp is downloading and will always download data ou whether you know it or not If you are concerned about your privacy, it may be time to switch to any of the alternatives mentioned above.

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