Dahal-Nepal faction seems to be completely lost, Amid political uncertainty

Since Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli dissolved the House of Representatives on December 20, he appears to be confident that the elections will be held on the dates he declared: April 30 and May 10. , ignoring the fact that his House‘s dissolution move was heard by the Supreme Court.

As a result of his House dissolution decision, the Communist Party of Nepal split in two, one led by him and the other by Puspha Kamal Dahal and Madhav Kumar Nepal . The Dahal-Nepal faction declared war on Oli and took to the streets, demanding the restoration of the Chamber. The other two main partiesthe Nepali Congress and the Janata Samajbadi Partyalthough they opposed the move to dissolve the House, they also weighed their options in case of polls.

Observers say Congress and Janata Samajbadi Party seem to have their strategies ready for both outcomes if the House is restored. or the polls take place, but when it comes to the Dahal-Nepal faction, it seems to be disoriented. Since the Dahal-Nepal faction took to the streets, the two and other leaders have launched vitriolic attacks on Oli. calling Oli an autocratic leader, the faction opposed his move to dissolve the House calling it unconstitutional and undemocratic, but none of the leadersnot even Dahal and Nepal who have been eloquent about each other in recent timeshave tried to convince people why they should take to the streets to protest Olis move and what makes them better than Oli.

According to Narayan Dhakal, a communist leader turned writer, the Dahal-Nepal faction wants to establish that the House will be restored and elections will not be held. It looks like the Dahal-Nepal Group understands that once the house is restored, Oli will be automatically withdrawn from circulation. Even if the Communist Party of Nepal has practically split, it is still legally a and whether there are two partiesone led by Oli and the other from Dahal and Nepal is decided by the electoral commission.

While both factions want to be the Communist Party of Nepal, they also want to claim the sun as an electoral symbol. For Dahal, who may not mind the sun as an electoral symbol, but it has great significance for leaders like Nepal, Jhala Nath Khanal and others who have been voting with this symbol for years, said Dhakal.So while they wait for the election commission decision , they want to continue their agitation.

  With Congress rejected the Dahal-Nepal factions call for a joint protest, their street movement was not as effective. And every time their leaders go on stage, they resort to verbal assaults on Oli instead of justify why their struggle is aimed at establishing the rule of law, protecting the constitution and strengthening constitutionalism. Visitors say Olis move is criticized by the media and civil society Well, but it will be wrong if the Dahal-Nepal Group thinks it has the support of the media and civil society. Lately calls have grown that the move to dissolve the House is unconstitutional, so the Supreme Court must restore it. Your views in the ongoing hearing have strongly argued, why Oli made an unconstitutional decision. But since the Supreme Court is the final arbiter of the constitution, it will decide whether to support the move to dissolve the Casa di Oli or restore the Chamber. But what happens if the Chamber is not restored and the country goes to the polls? Will he participate in the elections or will he boycott them? Party leaders failed to provide answers.

Narayan Kaji Shrestha, spokesman for the Communist Party of Nepal (Dahal-Nepal faction), said they now have only two strategies: first, to push for stronger agitation and second, the next step after the House is restored. “The elections will do it after two years, not now. So the elections declared by Oli are not our priority, Shrestha told the Post. We are very agitated. Some small sections within the Nepalese Congress led by Sher Bahadur Deuba and Janata Samajbadi Party are not. Interested in cooperating with us. Otherwise, we have enormous support from the parties and the public.

  Congress President Deuba has so far argued that since the House dissolution decision has been dealt with. from the court, the party should await the verdict while protests continue. Many believe that Deuba is seeing an opportunity for himself either way: whether the House is restored or elections are held. ion will form an alliance with the Nepalese Congress and Dahal or Deuba will become prime minister. But the Nepalese Congress still fears that in the event of the House‘s restoration, the two factions could reunite once again. The party is therefore also considering aligning itself with Oli. A leader close to Deuba admitted that there were offers from the two communist factions. has its own strategyjoin the coalition if the House is restored and if not, prepare for the elections.

“We have come to this situation because the constitution has a lot of holes. Now that the Oli has already made a mistake by dissolving the Chamber, we have to wait for the verdict of the court, said Rajendra Mahato, a leader of the Janata Samajbadi party. is not restored, there is no point in opposing the ballot. “Even if the House is maintained, we will hold an election in about a year and a half,” Mahato said. “Our concerns will also be pointed out that no one is speaking utthe House is not restored and the elections are not taking place on the stated dates. According to Mahato, in the event that the Supreme Court upholds the decision to dissolve the House but the polls do not take place on April 30 and May 10, the country will plunge into a cycle of uncertainty. an opportunity to increase their seats, as the Nepalese Communist Party was divided.

The Dahal-Nepal faction, however, does not seem to have imagined a situation where the House would not be restored. “We strongly believe that the elections will not take place. , so why should we be concerned about something that wont happen? Said Ghanshyam Bhusal, a leader of the Nepalese Communist Party (Dahal-Nepal faction). We have called for the restoration of the House. If we start to prepare for the elections that were declared after the unconstitutional dissolution of the House, our whole movement will be a

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